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1. What is the SCHEDSTATS?

SCHEDSTATS is a kernel debug feature which allows scheduler exports its pre-defined performance counters to user space. We can do following things by collecting and analyzing these perf counters,

  • Debug or tune scheduler
  • Debug or tune specific application or benchmark from scheduling perspective

2. How could we access SCHEDSTATS counters?

When SCHEDSTATS is enabled, scheduler statistics could be accessed by following ways,

  • Three proc files exported by SCHEDSTATS code

    /proc/schedstat, /proc/<pid>/schedstat, /proc/<pid>/sched

    Documentation/scheduler/sched-stats.txt file has the full description for file format. We can write user space tools to read and process the proc files.

  • pre-defined kernel trace points

    Kernel trace points could be used by dynamic tracing tools, such as systemtap, perf. So far, in Linux 4.1, there are 4 sched_stat_* trace points defined by SCHEDSTATS code, there are 4 sched_stat_* trace points defined by SCHEDSTATS code.

    # perf list | grep sched_stat_
      sched:sched_stat_wait         [Tracepoint event]
      sched:sched_stat_sleep        [Tracepoint event]
      sched:sched_stat_iowait       [Tracepoint event]
      sched:sched_stat_blocked      [Tracepoint event]
      sched:sched_stat_runtime      [Tracepoint event] >>> Not a SCHEDSTAT trace point

    Linux perf tool, record, report, script sub-commands could be used for getting system wide or per-task statistics.

  • sleep profiler when SCHEDSTATS is enabled

    This needs readprofile command installed in user space. The usage of readprofile could be found from Documentation/basic_profiling.txt. To enable kernel profiler, please refer to Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt. This way is a legacy way and could be replaced by following trace point in latest kernel,

    # perf list | grep sched_stat_blocked
      sched:sched_stat_blocked      [Tracepoint event]
    # perf record -e sched:sched_stat_blocked -a -g sleep 5
    # perf script

3. SCHEDSTATS proc files use cases

3.1 System wide statistic

This includes per-cpu(run queue) or per-sched-domain statistics.


Implements in scheduler core, which is the common layer for all scheduling classes.

The CPU statistics in /proc/schedstat file is defined as members of struct rq in kernel/sched.c,

struct rq {

	/* latency stats */
	struct sched_info rq_sched_info;
	unsigned long long rq_cpu_time;
	/* could above be rq->cfs_rq.exec_clock + rq->rt_rq.rt_runtime ? */

	/* sys_sched_yield() stats */
	unsigned int yld_count;

	/* schedule() stats */
	unsigned int sched_switch;
	unsigned int sched_count;
	unsigned int sched_goidle;

	/* try_to_wake_up() stats */
	unsigned int ttwu_count;
	unsigned int ttwu_local;


The Domain statistics in /proc/schedstat file is defined as members of struct sched_domain in include/linux/sched.h,

struct sched_domain {

	/* load_balance() stats */
	unsigned int lb_count[CPU_MAX_IDLE_TYPES];
	unsigned int lb_failed[CPU_MAX_IDLE_TYPES];
	unsigned int lb_balanced[CPU_MAX_IDLE_TYPES];
	unsigned int lb_imbalance[CPU_MAX_IDLE_TYPES];
	unsigned int lb_gained[CPU_MAX_IDLE_TYPES];
	unsigned int lb_hot_gained[CPU_MAX_IDLE_TYPES];
	unsigned int lb_nobusyg[CPU_MAX_IDLE_TYPES];
	unsigned int lb_nobusyq[CPU_MAX_IDLE_TYPES];

	/* Active load balancing */
	unsigned int alb_count;
	unsigned int alb_failed;
	unsigned int alb_pushed;

	/* SD_BALANCE_EXEC stats */
	unsigned int sbe_count;
	unsigned int sbe_balanced;
	unsigned int sbe_pushed;

	/* SD_BALANCE_FORK stats */
	unsigned int sbf_count;
	unsigned int sbf_balanced;
	unsigned int sbf_pushed;

	/* try_to_wake_up() stats */
	unsigned int ttwu_wake_remote;
	unsigned int ttwu_move_affine;
	unsigned int ttwu_move_balance;


3.2 Per task statistic


Common for all scheduling classes.

The statistics for /proc/<pid>/schedstat is defined as member of struct task_struct in include/linux/sched.h,

struct sched_info {
	/* cumulative counters */
	unsigned long pcount;	      /* # of times run on this cpu */
	unsigned long long run_delay; /* time spent waiting on a runqueue */

	/* timestamps */
	unsigned long long last_arrival,/* when we last ran on a cpu */
			   last_queued;	/* when we were last queued to run */
#endif /* defined(CONFIG_SCHEDSTATS) || defined(CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT) */

struct task_struct {

	struct sched_info sched_info;



Only available for CFS tasks. Need enable SCHED_DEBUG as well.

The se statistics for /proc/<pid>/sched is defined as member of struct task_struct in include/linux/sched.h,

struct sched_statistics {
	u64			wait_start;
	u64			wait_max;
	u64			wait_count;
	u64			wait_sum;
	u64			iowait_count;
	u64			iowait_sum;

	u64			sleep_start;
	u64			sleep_max;
	s64			sum_sleep_runtime;

	u64			block_start;
	u64			block_max;
	u64			exec_max;
	u64			slice_max;

	u64			nr_migrations_cold;
	u64			nr_failed_migrations_affine;
	u64			nr_failed_migrations_running;
	u64			nr_failed_migrations_hot;
	u64			nr_forced_migrations;

	u64			nr_wakeups;
	u64			nr_wakeups_sync;
	u64			nr_wakeups_migrate;
	u64			nr_wakeups_local;
	u64			nr_wakeups_remote;
	u64			nr_wakeups_affine;
	u64			nr_wakeups_affine_attempts;
	u64			nr_wakeups_passive;
	u64			nr_wakeups_idle;

struct sched_entity {

	struct sched_statistics statistics;


struct task_struct {

	struct sched_entity se;


4. SCHEDSTATS source files

To use SCHEDSTATS, need to enable kernel config SCHEDSTATS. All related code is protected by CONFIG_SCHEDSTATS.

As far as we know, Linux kernel scheduler defined two layers,

4.1 The upper layer - scheduler core

This is a common layer for all scheduling class.

In Linux 3.2.x, The SCHEDSTATS source files in scheduler common layer are,


Per-sched-domain and per-task perf counters definitions.


/proc/schestat proc file implementation


/proc/<pid>/schedstat proc file implementation


Per-runqueue perf counters definitions.

Per-runqueue, per-sched-domain, per-task perf counters implementation, for example, ttwu_stat


The legacy code, profiling code for /proc/profile support, readprofile(1) could read it.


SCHEDSTATS in /proc/sched_debug and /proc/<pid>/sched proc files implementation. Need enable SCHED_DEBUG at same time.

4.2 The underlying layer - per scheduling class

In Linux 3.2.x, only the CFS scheduling class code has the SCHEDSTATS implementation.


SCHEDSTATS in /proc/<pid>/sched. Need enable SCHED_DEBUG at same time.

/proc/schedstat counters for load balance.

Kernel Trace points for wait, sleep, iowait, blocked(not in 3.2.x) events. See section 3 in this blog.

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