First experiences on Github

Finally I got my first development experiences on Github.

Before that, my development experience on Github was started from my own tools in last year. I wrote some scripts to analysis Linux interrupt data from /proc/interrupt files. But that is not a real Github open source project experiences.

This month, I submitted my first pull request to irqbalance project. People may already know, irqbalance project is an open source project for distribute irq work load among a multiple cores system. Most of Linux distributions, RHEL, Fedora, Centos, SUSE Linux are using it.

I ran into a performance issue caused by irqbalance PCI classification bug. Then I submitted this patch via Github.As I keep working on irqbalance issues recently, I think I will have more pull requests to irqbalance.

This link could get all of my commits for irqbalance project.I hope it can grow more and more in follow months.

Although my fist pull request was from irqbalance, my real first merge happen from perf-tools. The project owner Brendan Gregg is really a nice person. In my another fsyncsnoop pull request, he gave me very detailed review comments, and we had a great discussion there. Till now, it is still a pending request, but I did have better understanding for ftrace perf data analysis. Another important experience was, I wrote my first python script in fsyncsnoop.

With these experiences, I have to say, Github is a really amazing place to all programmers.

I feel like that I will be fully involved in Github activities (writing, coding) in my life.

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